Web Apps vs Mobile Apps [2021 Comparison]

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You have done the research for your next tech startup, perhaps it’s for an online service or a digital product, but now you’re stuck and don’t know whether to build a web app or a mobile app.

Now the next question is, what is the difference between a web app and a mobile app, and which is best for my business?

This is a quick guide that will help differentiate between web apps and mobile apps, and point you in the right direction.

Here are the key differences:

Web Design + App Development = CosmicoStudios.com
  • Web apps need a stable internet connection to work, while mobile apps can run anywhere at anytime.
  • Web apps are less time-consuming to build but has lower user-friendliness, while mobile apps are known to be more time-consuming to build but is highly user-friendly. Development time and the user experience is what you need to take into account.
  • When web browsers update, the web app usually does not need to be updated. But any iOS or Android updates that are released, you will more than likely have to update your mobile app manually.
  • Web apps can be opened on any device with no restriction, while mobile apps only function on the platform it was built on. Mobile apps cannot be used on other devices unless they were built specifically for that device.
  • Web apps are less costly to build, while mobile apps can have significantly higher costs.
  • You can hire beginners to create a web app, but mobile app development requires a professional developer or team.
  • Web apps are not downloaded, and they can be used on any browser, while mobile apps always need to be downloaded.
  • Web apps are not endorsed by app stores which increases the risk of cyber-crime and fraud, while mobile apps are approved by app stores which ensures cybersecurity and safety.
  • Web apps do not need an approval to launch or update, while mobile apps do need the approval from app stores, which is sometimes difficult to get.
  • Web apps are not difficult or expensive to maintain, while mobile apps are.
  • Web apps are less discoverable as it’s not listed anywhere in a specific database, while mobile apps are highly discoverable through the app store.
  • Web apps do not consist of many features, while mobile apps consist of multiple features.

When you should build a Web App:

Web Design + App Development = CosmicoStudios.com

If your business needs:

  • To create a mailing list of customers/visitors.
  • To ensure two-way communication.
  • To use a content management system.
  • To share information.
  • To generate detailed reports.
  • To run calculations.
  • To collaborate and work as a team on a project.

Then you should build a web app for your business. The most known web apps are Google Docs, Trello, HubSpot, and Microsoft Office 365.

When you should build a Mobile App:

Web Design + App Development = CosmicoStudios.com

If your business needs:

  • To create a game.
  • To create a platform for buying products.
  • To create a user-friendly platform.
  • To build awareness and reach.
  • To provide a personalized experience for customers.

Then you should build a mobile app for your business. The most famous mobile apps are Zoom, WhatsApp, Instagram, Candy Crush Saga, and Uber.

Conclusion — Go Mobile

Web Design + App Development = CosmicoStudios.com

You must think about the future of your business and take it to the eyes of a wider audience. Mobile phones are the most used devices in the world, which can be beneficial for increasing the reach and awareness of your business.

That’s why mobile apps are preferable nowadays, it gives you a great platform for your business to establish itself and creating goodwill among a larger audience.

It builds a great connection with the brand and the customer becomes attracted to the efforts and the user-experience.

It increases the chances of customers giving positive reviews and providing positive word of mouth for the business in their social circles. Hence, it gives more chances for expanding your reach.

The only drawback about the mobile apps is that the development is expensive. So businesses that have a small budget shouldn’t seek out this option unless you plan on raising funds.

I hope this article helped you in gaining knowledge about the differences between web apps and mobile apps.

Did you find this article useful? Let us know in the comments below.

If you have an app that you want to develop, remember, you can always contact us to help you build it.




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